Living in The Hague

This is The Hague

Although The Hague is not the capital of the Netherlands, it is the centre of Dutch politics. ‘Het Binnenhof’ is where the Dutch government and parliament are located. The Hague is an international city that is home to, for example, International government agencies like the International Criminal Court, many multinationals, embassies and other international companies.

Advantages of living in The Hague

Because of the many international institutions and companies in The Hague, the city has an international character. The inhabitants speak good English and are open to tourists and expats. It will therefore not be difficult as an expat to find your way in this city.

The Hague is the largest Dutch city on the North Sea and has a coastline of eleven kilometers. When the weather is nice, many residents of The Hague choose the beach of Scheveningen, the most popular beach in the Netherlands nearby The Hague where it is lovely to stay. A lively boulevard with plenty of restaurants and bars ensures that you won’t be bored here.

Besides the beach and the lively boulevard, The Hague also has a lively city centre. Large international chain stores are interspersed with local entrepreneurs, making shopping in The Hague never boring. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy a terrace on De Grote Markt or Het Plein. Be there on time, though, because the terraces fill up quickly.

Suitable neighbourhoods for expats in The Hague

We offer apartments throughout the city. For expats who like liveliness and bustle, we have apartments in the centre, for example. For those who prefer quieter living, other neighbourhoods like Bezuidenhout or Archipel are more suitable.

The Hague City Centre

The centre of The Hague is cozy, lively and full of bars and restaurants making the area very popular especially for young people and students. Grabbing a terrace in summer is no problem here. Do you choose De Grote Markt or for example Het Plein?


Between the city centre and the beach lies the Statenkwartier, a district where many embassies, international organizations and large companies are located. Also the famous shopping street ‘De Fred’ can be found here.


Popular with expats is the Zeeheldenkwartier: slightly quieter and less hip, but no less cozy. Many nice restaurants and bars that are less known to the general public.


A popular spot for young families and young professionals. A neighbourhood that is close to the city centre, public transport and, for example, the Hague forest (het Haagse Bos). Eateries and other convenient stores can also be found here.


The headquarters of Shell and the International Crime Court (ICC), among others, are located here, making this district popular with expats. A green district with many villas, townhouses, single-family houses and apartments.


This district is located between the city centre of The Hague and the beach of Scheveningen. Archipel is a stately neighbourhood with many monumental buildings. It is surrounded by parks and canals. Popularly this district is also called the ‘Indische buurt’.


What can we say about Scheveningen? Do you like living close to the beach and do you like the bustle of the Boulevard? Then Scheveningen is the place to be for you. It will not surprise you that Scheveningen is a popular destination for expats and tourists.

What else should an expat know about The Hague?

To make a good impression on the locals as an expat it is useful to know a few things about the city and its inhabitants:

  • The coat of arms of The Hague, for example, features a stork, sometimes jokingly referred to by residents as a heron.
  • The animal also appears in the logo of the local football club ADO Den Haag.
  • The colors of the city and the football club are green and yellow.
  • Residents call themselves Hagenaar or Hagenees. The difference between the two is not quite clear. Some inhabitants state that a Hagenees is a born and raised inhabitant and a Hagenaar has come to live in The Hague.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Hague a nice city to live for expats?

The Hague is an international city where the locals are used to communicating in English. Large international companies and institutions are located in The Hague. In addition, The Hague has a lively city centre with all amenities available, many nice neighbourhoods and the beach is just around the corner. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere on the boulevard or grab a terrace at one of the squares in the city centre.

What is the best neighbourhood for me in The Hague?

We offer apartments throughout the city. Which district is most suitable for you depends on a number of factors. Are you looking for liveliness or do you prefer tranquility? For expats who like liveliness and bustle, we have apartments in the centre, for example. Those who prefer quieter living, other neighbourhoods like Bezuidenhout for example are more suitable.

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