Blog: Always a great house available for your expats? Here’s how we do that

When your expats come to the Netherlands, you want to give them a nice place to live. However, arranging a living space is not as easy as it sounds. That is why we do what we do. We arrange everything with regard to living spaces for the expats of multinationals. We rent a large number of houses and make sure that expats are always able to find a great place to live quickly. We take care of all the administrative busywork that comes with it. That is going so well, in fact, that we have already added nearly thirty new homes to our portfolio this year alone. In this article, you can read all about how we do that.

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The economy and the housing market are doing well. We have seen the effects of that in our own line of work. More expats are coming to the Netherlands, they are staying for longer and many of them struggle to find a living space on their own. We are happy to help them and your company with this.

Only high-quality residences

We begin our quest for new homes by consulting our network. We have excellent contacts with (institutional) investors, which means we are not dependent on real estate agents and are notified at an early stage when new high-quality properties are being developed at desirable locations.

We often try to acquire more residences in complexes where we already have some properties. For expats, it is nice to live in the same complex as other expats. It is also easier for us and the investor. For example, we expanded our portfolio in The Hague this year with, among other things, eleven homes in De Sophie, eight houses in Raamstaete and six properties in New Babylon.

Thorough site survey

We are critical with regard to the residences in our portfolio. We want them to be comfortable, neat, safe and fully equipped with everything expats need. Conducting site surveys is an essential aspect of what we do. We look for shops, restaurants, public transport facilities, schools and/or sports clubs in the vicinity of the property. We want houses in prime locations in safe, nice areas.

We visit every new property in person. No matter how well we know The Hague by now, we want to know what we are dealing with. The home might be located on a nice street, but just at the end of it or on the wrong side, making the place feel unsafe. Perhaps there is a poorly maintained property behind the house or an electricity pylon in the garden. You can only discover such things by going there in person and taking the time to look around.

Everything taken care of, wide selection

When we acquire a new property, it is usually unfurnished. Together with our team of interior decorators, we put in new floors, hang curtains and decorate the entire house with furniture, beautiful rugs and art on the walls. This is all done in a neutral style, so whoever moves in can put their personal touch on it to truly make it their own.

We set up internet and TV connections and sign contracts for utilities and any other essentials. Only once all that has been taken care of will we add the residence to our portfolio for expats. We make sure to give them several options to choose from when they come to the Netherlands, so they can find a house that meets their expectations.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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