Blog: Good housing for your expat employees at your disposal at any time? This is how you do it

Finding good housing for your expat employees is far from easy in today’s overheated housing market. As a result, employees have to stay in a hotel for a long time, often for too long, or end up in a house that does not meet the standards of quality you want to offer them. For example, the house may be situated at a location of lesser quality, it may be smaller or involve a lot of ‘hassle’ because the house was kept in a bad state of repair for many years and all kinds of things are breaking down. These situations are not good for your employees and not good for you. That is why we take a different approach. Here you can read how we do this.

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Our service provision started with a partnership in which we arranged everything around housing for the expats of a large multinational. Until a year ago, this company rented the houses itself, but then transferred almost the entire portfolio to us. This resulted in a partnership that is unique in the Netherlands.

Everything around housing arranged

We rent a large number of houses for this multinational, ensuring that expat employees who come to the Netherlands always quickly have a lovely house at their disposal. A house in which everything has been arranged that they would like to see arranged, such as beautiful furnishings, gas, water and electricity, internet and television connections, cleaning, and everything else that is needed to provide your employees with pleasant, good and beautiful housing. In short: to make them feel at home quickly, so they will be able to focus on their work from day one, without having to worry about details.

Since 1 January of this year we have been offering these services to other companies as well, because we have noticed that there is a demand for them. The housing market is tight, just like the labour market. You may therefore want to take good care of your employees, so they will enjoy working – and continue to work – for your company. For your expat employees, everything around housing is part and parcel of this.

Lower costs, no more hassle

Are you also experiencing that:

  • Your company incurs high costs ever more often because expats have to stay in a hotel for a longer period of time, as no suitable housing can be found?
  • Expats are unable to buy a house quickly enough, which causes them a lot of stress?
  • Many of the houses on offer are unfurnished, which is not very convenient if an expat is staying in the Netherlands for just a short time?
  • The quality of the houses and the locations often leaves much to be desired?

If you do, a dedicated portfolio may be an option for your company too.

Lovely houses, premium locations

With a large network at our disposal, we can offer housing of good quality, at good locations, without being dependent on estate agents.

We are the point of contact for your tenants, for everything around their house and for the entire period during which they are staying in the Netherlands. And even before that period, if they are preparing for their stay in the Netherlands from abroad. This gives a feeling of tranquility, both to your employees and to yourself. And whether it involves housing for 2 months or 2 years, we always have a house available for your expats. Fully furnished and on a premium location.

Would you like to know more about this unique service? Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more.

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