Blog: When you want to be sure it is perfect

Hello Housing leases homes to expats. We sometimes rent directly to the expat, but usually we work for large multinationals and relocators. These companies value reliability and convenience. They want to be sure that everything is arranged properly and quickly without too much effort on their part, and most of all, that the apartment or the house meets their high-quality standards.

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Hello Housing has housed expats for Shell for many years. Those who are familiar with the expat world know that this multinational sets the highest standards for the accommodation of its employees. Today, our client portfolio has grown significantly – many more companies now trust us to help them find suitable housing for their expats. The high standard has become how we do business every day. Let’s be a little more specific. Because: what is quality and do we mean when we talk about setting the bar high?

Fast and reliable

Hello Housing operates swiftly. We probe the wishes of the client and the company, find suitable accommodation and manage every aspect surrounding the rental of the property. If you have leased a home through us before, you will know that you or your expat will not be faced with any surprises. We maintain an all-in rental fee. This fee includes the rent of the fully furnished apartment and any maintenance.


You may need short term accommodation for an expat from time to time. No problem. Hello Housing properties are also available for short periods. In case of long-term rental or multiple rentals, we would be more than happy to provide you with a bespoke quotation.

A good foundation

We carefully select our properties. Firstly, the accommodation must be in a prime location: a highly reputable and accessible neighbourhood with plenty of facilities. What’s more, all homes are spacious and airy, with plenty of light, luxurious bathrooms and kitchens, and most have at least two bedrooms and ample outdoor space.

Ambiance, convenience and comfort

All fixtures and fitting are of superb quality. We want the occupants to feel happy and comfortable in their new homes, and the tasteful interiors achieve just that. The impeccable floors and walls, the design and the furniture are contemporary and full of comfort. The expat can genuinely move in without ado.

Are you looking for a partner you can count on unconditionally? A partner who arranges superior accommodation quickly and expertly and offers a comprehensive management service? Contact us today!

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