The most expat-friendly neighbourhoods in The Hague and Rotterdam

Major cities like The Hague and Rotterdam offer a diversity of neighbourhoods that have different attractions for expats. Choosing an appropriate district depends on several factors, including expat lifestyle, amenities, cultural diversity and proximity to international schools.

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What should you look for when choosing a suitable neighbourhood?

In general, both Rotterdam and The Hague offer several neighbourhoods that suit the different needs and preferences of expats, ranging from bustling city centers to quiet residential areas with international amenities. It is important to assess or determine what your needs are as an expat. Life stage and lifestyle plays an important role in this.

Expat-friendly neighbourhoods in The Hague

The Hague has several areas that are attractive to expats, we have listed some popular ones.

Characterized by a wide range of restaurants and cafes, culture and city facilities. Right in the middle of the liveliness of The Hague. A car you park in the parking garage and for small pieces you grab your bike like the locals of course.

A chic neighbourhood with stately houses, tree-lined streets and an international atmosphere. Conveniently located downtown and international organizations. Also close to Scheveningen and the beach.

A child-friendly district with lots of greenery and spacious homes. Ideal for young families. A quiet neighbourhood that is easily accessible. As an expat looking for peace and quiet? Here you will be right at home.

Central area with lots of greenery and excellent accessibility thanks to good connections to the city center and the central station. Useful for expats who do not want to live in the city center, but do want to work in the center or elsewhere in the region. Thanks to good public transport connections, even cities such as Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and Amsterdam are easily accessible.

Expat-friendly neighbourhoods in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is booming and therefore a popular city for expats to live in. But where in the city is the best place to live as an expat? We give some options.

For expats who love vibrant city life, the center of Rotterdam is the place to be. With theaters, restaurants, bars, stores and attractive residential areas such as Laurenskwartier and Witte de Withkwartier. West of the center near the Euromast, by the way, it is also great living. A little less crowded, but no less cozy.

This neighbourhood is part of the center, but still gets a special mention. This is the medieval heart of the city including the Old Harbour. Beautiful living with the city on the one hand and the water on the other.

Recently chosen in the top ten trendiest neighbourhoods in Europe to live in. It is described as a “working-class neighborhood with a cool, industrial feel.” You will find many high-rise buildings, trendy eateries, stores, cafes, as well as several museums and theaters.

Kop van Zuid
This trendy neighbourhood, located on the Maas, offers expats a unique mix of modern architecture, cultural highlights and breathtaking views. With the city center within walking distance, this is a popular spot among expats.

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