Housing & Healthcare Information Market

Last week we attended an information market for expats in The Hague, the so called; Housing & Healthcare Information Market.

Hello Housing Expat Properties V2

It is of course important to know, for basic needs like housing and healthcare, where you can count on and where to go when you move to the Netherlands. Because things in the Netherlands often work slightly differently than in other countries, this can be quite difficult.

Thanks to the Housing & Healthcare Information Market, it was possible to provide expats with information on various topics. From healthcare in the Netherlands to buying or renting a home and arrange energy contracts. Expats were able to attend various presentations and ask partners of The Hague International Center for specific information about the mentioned subject.

With Hello Housing we were asked to give a presentation and inform expats about housing in The Netherlands. Some topics were for example; The best way to rent a house, which documents are required, which neighbourhood / location is convenient, etc. Besides this information we also advised them about upcoming neighbourhoods, new developments and what to do in a difficult housing market. Many of these matters are often more difficult to arrange from abroad and therefore we were pleased to be present at this information market to provide expats this information. Thank you for the invitation @ The Hague International Centre.

Here is the link to the website of The Hague International Center for other upcoming events:



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