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Are you moving to the Netherlands and looking for an apartment at a top location in The Hague or Rotterdam? Then check out Hello Housing, the company that specialises in housing expats. Hello Housing has many years of experience working alongside expats to find them their perfect homes and will work diligently to ensure you feel at home as soon as possible.

How can Hello Housing help?

Oftentimes a simple open question like, “Is there anything we can do for you?” can make all the difference, and that is what the folks at Hello Housing like to do! They place themselves in the expat’s position so that they can provide the best possible service. For example, these days, as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic, we leave our houses much less often than normal and many of us work from home most days. So, Hello Housing respond to such matters accordingly and have a desk installed in every apartment. You need to be able to focus on your work; so let them do the rest. As they always say: “a satisfied expat makes our work so much more fun.”

Feel at home from day one

When you rent an apartment with Hello Housing, comfort is of paramount importance. That is why they furnish their apartments with a cosy interior, contemporary furniture and wall and floor coverings. All their apartments have plenty of light, are spacious and often feature a generous garden area. You can also count on having a luxuriously equipped kitchen and bathroom. All you have to do is move house.

Living at the best locations

Hello Housing has apartments in The Hague and  Rotterdam and will soon be able to offer homes in Amsterdam as well. Their properties are always situated at the best locations when it comes to facilities, accessibility, and the quality level of the neighbourhood. This enables them to offer you and your family some of the most desirable places to live in.

Hello Housing and their support staff made my relocation and move in as easy as ordering Appletaart in a Dutch café. 8 months later, I still find their team to be professional, responsive, and helpful. Highly recommended” – Shell employee

How can you find a home in the Netherlands?

Hello Housing employees are often in contact with the company who rents the home for you as an expat. If this is not the case, you can also contact Hello Housing directly and they will make you a suitable offer straight away. To find out what Hello Housing can do for you, you can contact them by phone or by email.

Are you looking for suitable accommodation for your employee?

Hello Housing assists companies in finding a suitable home in the Netherlands for their clients. Based on your wishes, they pride themselves on finding a match quickly. Is it for a short stay or for a longer period? Which size is desired? What kind of neighbourhood is the apartment situated in? They have a number of very attractive projects in their portfolio and are always happy to tell you more about them.

So, whatever your individual requirements might be, Hello Housing is here to ensure you find your perfect home in the Netherlands. Contact them now, whether you are looking for your own home or a reliable partner who can source accommodation for your employees, Hello Housing can help.

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