New Babylon

Bezuidenhoutseweg The Hague

This modern 2-bedroom apartment is in the city centre of The Hague next to Central Station. Parking is also included.

“Transitioning from frequent visitor to resident of a new town / country can be intimidating. Hello Housing and their support staff made my relocation and move in as easy as ordering Appletaart in a Dutch café. 8 months later, I still find their team to be professional, responsive, and helpful. Highly recommended”

Shell employee

All our accommodations are equipped to feel like a second home for your employee.

About the location

From your apartment in the New Babylon Apartments the town lies at your feet. The shops, The events, The cultural hotspots, The grand cafés and restaurants. Situated in the city centre and next to Central Station, it is also very accessible to the A12 motorway. Furthermore, this area is known as an expat-friendly neighborhood with international allure. The district is close to The Hague forest.

About the property

This newly built property (2012) is in the New Babylon building. The two new towers of New Babylon Apartments not only offer luxurious living space, but also its own shopping center. Te property is exclusive, safe and comfortable. The property is fully equipped and has everything one would need when moving straight in from the airport with just their personal belongings.

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