More about our accommodations

Hello Housing has high-quality top spots in the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam. Accommodations of the highest quality in places where an expat feels at home.

What can you expect of fully furnished apartments?

We understand that an expat doesn’t have time to spend a long time looking for the right furniture or decor. That’s why Hello Housing doesn’t just offer housing, we go further. The apartments we offer are fully furnished. An expat can move in right away. A fully furnished apartment from Hello Housing contains everything you should expect. Fully furnished is fully equipped with inventory. In addition to furniture, for example, electrical household appliances are included, such as a washing machine, a dryer, a coffee maker, an iron, a kettle, etc. Furthermore, the house is equipped with the necessary linens and a complete set of dishes.

An expat feels right at home and can use the precious energy for work and getting to know the city and its culture.

Where are Hello Housing’s serviced apartments located?

We offer top quality housing in the best locations in major Dutch cities like The Hague and Rotterdam. In places where expats like to live in different kinds of districts and neighborhoods. Does an expat like to live in the center, or rather in a quiet neighborhood just outside the city? The serviced apartments of Hello Housing are located both in the city center and in other neighborhoods.

The serviced apartments meet some important criteria. They are located in the city close to important amenities and the apartments are of top quality. The apartments meet our high standards of giving tenants what they should expect: top quality apartments.

What temporary housing does Hello Housing offer?

At Hello Housing you can rent apartments for temporary periods. We make a distinction between short stay and long stay. If you are looking for a temporary apartment, then Hello Housing already has apartments available for a period of just one month. A longer stay is possible, renting for a shorter stay than a month is not an option.

If you want to rent several apartments for a longer period, we will be happy to make you a custom offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when apartments are delivered fully furnished?

Fully furnished is fully equipped with a complete inventory. This means that as a tenant you can move into the house immediately with only bringing your personal belongings, the rest we take care of.

What is included in a fully furnished Hello Housing apartment?

All rooms are fully decorated to make them feel like home. Electric household equipment such as a laundry machine, a dryer, a coffee maker, an iron, a water boiler, etc. are included. Furthermore, the residence comes with the necessary linens and a complete set of tableware.

How large are Hello Housing’s apartments?

Most of Hello Housing’s apartments do have a range in size from 70 m2 to 150 m2. All apartments have a minimum of one (2 beds) and a maximum of three (6 beds) bedrooms.

In which cities can you find serviced apartments by Hello Housing?

At the moment, all our residences are located in The Hague and Rotterdam. It is our ambition to add residences in Leiden, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and/or Utrecht to our portfolio.

The apartments are located in or near the centre of The Hague and Rotterdam. Cities with a lot of international appeal. The Hague is known as a city of peace and justice because of the presence of, among others, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. The city therefore attracts many international organizations.

Rotterdam is becoming increasingly popular with expats. The city has a lot to offer what expats are looking for. On the one hand, for example, a diverse nightlife and on the other, lots of work such as in the port. That port is by far the largest in Europe where some 180,000 people work every day. It is an international and dynamic environment with 1,200 companies in a variety of sectors.