Living in Rotterdam

This is Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. Rotterdam is situated at the river ‘Nieuwe Maas’. A real eye catcher of the city is the Erasmus Bridge which runs over this river. Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe and partly because of the port industry, Rotterdam has the image of a working class city and has a very diverse population.

Advantages of living in Rotterdam

For a long time, Rotterdam was a city of which Rotterdammers themselves were particularly proud. In recent years the city has also been discovered by outsiders. The New York Times placed Rotterdam in 2014 in the top 10 cities to visit that year. After this, Rotterdam has actually only become more popular.

Rotterdam is a city where there is a lot to do. A diverse nightlife, a large cultural offer and great festivals. A city with a raw edge. The inhabitants are known for their ‘don’t talk, but do’ mentality and that actually also applies to the city itself. After Rotterdam was in ruins during the second world war following bombing raids, the city was rebuilt in the following years. And how! Rotterdam is a city with an impressive skyline and is characterized by a lot of variation in the field of architecture. In addition, Rotterdam has a wide variety of cultural offerings, cozy restaurants and many terraces.

Suitable neighbourhoods for expats in Rotterdam

We offer apartments in central locations throughout the city. A big plus is that these locations are always easily accessible. The neighborhoods in the centre where we offer apartments do differ in liveliness. The city centre is for expats who like vibrancy and bustle. In the Scheepvaartkwartier you can live in a quieter environment, but you are quickly in the city centre.

Rotterdam City Center

Here, historic buildings are interspersed with modern skyscrapers. Advantages of the city centre are the diverse range of museums, restaurants, and stores. The centre of Rotterdam is lively and characterized by its hip nightlife.

Kop van Zuid

A trendy neighbourhood on the south side of the city centre. In this part of town, new apartments alternate with offices and old department stores. Especially popular with young expats, because you’re quickly downtown.


In this neighbourhood you can still find many historical buildings. Also the famous Erasmus Bridge you cannot miss. The Scheepvaartkwartier is located near the centre of the city and has a lovely park to chill in.

What else should an expat know about Rotterdam?

To make a good impression on the locals as an expat it is useful to know a few things about the city and its inhabitant:

  • Rotterdammers are proud of their city, especially its great buildings and architecture.
  • The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe.
  • Rotterdam has three professional football clubs: Feyenoord, Sparta and Excelsior. Sparta is in the west, Excelsior in the east and Feyenoord in the south. Although Feyenoord is very popular throughout Rotterdam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Rotterdam a nice city to live for expats?

Rotterdam is a large city with many amenities. Many Rotterdammers speak good English and there is a great cultural offer in the city. Public transport is excellent and in recent years many neighbourhoods have been renewed.

What is the best neighbourhood for me in Rotterdam?

We offer apartments throughout the city. Which district is most suitable for you depends on a number of factors. Are you looking for liveliness or do you prefer tranquility? For expats who like liveliness and bustle, we have apartments in the centre, for example. Those who prefer quieter living, other neighbourhoods are more suitable.

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