At Hello Housing, we strive to deliver our services to you as sustainably as possible. Curious how?

No paper, only digital:

We believe the way we use electronics at Hello Housing has a lower impact on the environment. At Hello Housing we aim to use electronic and print media in a way that meets our social, environmental and economic needs.

Sustainable partnerships:

We try to select our partners with care. We are looking for organizations who share our values and end goals.

Recycling furniture:

We strive to invest in life-course proof furniture as much as possible. And if our furniture is at the end of its useful life at Hello Housing, we donate it to charity.

Spread the word:

We see it as our responsibility to raise awareness on sustainability within our expat community. We would like to share our knowledge on local initiatives and support our community to stay up to date on environmental news. Furthermore, we offer our community a platform to share their contribution on environmental issues.