Expats know where to find the Netherlands (again)

Busy, busier, busiest. After experiencing a decline during the corona pandemic due to the limited number of expats moving, the Netherlands is now back to being an attractive destination. And that’s an understatement! In the region of The Hague and Rotterdam, we are currently seeing a complete turnaround.

Maria Stuartplein 400 Den Haag House Photography Basic 005

Last summer, we witnessed a huge spike in expats looking for suitable housing. Summer is the perfect time for expats to move to another country. For example because of children who can then make a fresh start with the new school year. But last summer, the amount of new expats that arrived was even more extreme than usual. It seems like everyone is ready for a change after the pandemic.

In recent years, we have formed new collaborations with a number of companies. Our customers value consistency and, especially during these busy times, great collaborations are essential. In order to find suitable housing for the expats these companies employ, as well as for all the other requests we receive, we have had to expand considerably: so far this year, we have added 14 additional properties in Rotterdam and 8 in The Hague to our portfolio. And we aren’t finished yet. In total, we expect to add another 5 new homes to our portfolio this year, and we expect this growth to continue next year.

Busy, busier, busiest, but we are looking forward to all of it. Seeing our satisfied customers gives us a great deal of energy. The thank yous and good reviews act as fuel for our engine and it is great to receive appreciation for our hard work. We will continue to make every effort to accommodate expats in the coming months, and can’t wait to see the happy faces.


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