Corporate Services

Expat state of mind

Hello Housing has an expat mindset. We see things the way expats do; we think and reason like them. Thanks to our years of experience in the top segment of the market, we can anticipate expats’ needs and wishes, and we understand your interests as an employer and those of your temporary foreign employees. We offer expats intensive guidance, from before their initial check-in until their final check-out. After all, it’s important that expats can focus on their work. We take care of everything else, providing service of the very highest quality.

We have been housing expats for Shell in The Hague and its surroundings for fifteen years. We have extensive experience with long and short-stay housing, specialising in expats looking for semi-furnished or furnished housing in the Netherlands.

Your advantage

The benefits of using Hello Housing compared to other housing solutions are obvious: There is no risk of vacancy, no need to invest in furniture, there are no unexpected expenses and you can save on hotel costs. Our digital renting process allows you to access our portfolio anywhere, any time and rent a residence whenever you need one.