Expansion in Rotterdam and The Hague and towards new cities!

Our expats and regular clients are very happy with our properties and here at Hello Housing we are quite proud of that. Usually we see the number of applications decline slightly in winter, but that was not the case this time. This season’s newcomers enjoyed the cosily lit winter streets of the Netherlands and even got to experience a wonderfully white landscape for a few days. Low temperatures call for a comfortable home with a nice hot cup of cocoa, which is why our homes are now more appreciated than ever.

Schedeldoekshaven 240 Den Haag House Photography Basic 003

Because things are going so well, we grew by a whopping 24 homes last year. In Rotterdam, we decorated 13 new properties with our familiar Hello Housing look-and-feel and were able to rent them all out immediately. In The Hague, we successfully managed to kit out 11 homes. We are therefore thrilled to announce that we will be expanding to other cities. Where exactly is still a surprise, but yet again they promise to be top locations!

Demand for our properties continues to rise. Despite this, we always try to ensure availability for our business relations. You may already be aware of what we offer, but there’s no harm in stating it again: At Hello Housing, we offer all-inclusive housing rates with all necessary services, which makes our concept unique. With us, you rent for a fixed amount and never face unexpected surprises. Moreover, you get a full designer interior ensuring everyone immediately feels at home and welcome.

Currently, the housing market in the Netherlands is under pressure, making it increasingly difficult for expats to find a property. At Hello Housing, we aim to continue meeting the demand of our business relations and we are doing this through expansion. Not just in other cities, but also in home bases The Hague and Rotterdam. You can always expect the same concept from us, with the corresponding quality and service.

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