Expat life in The Hague: what to expect

For an expat settling in The Hague for the first time, the city can be overwhelming and a maze. How to make sure you don't get lost and find your place without too much trouble. We like to explain what an expat can expect from The Hague.

Anna Van Buerenplein 176 Den Haag (20)

When you set foot in this vibrant city, brimming with rich culture and a unique lifestyle, an unforgettable experience awaits you in which tradition and modernity blend seamlessly. From the historic Binnenhof to the contemporary Mauritshuis. The Hague seamlessly integrates its rich history into everyday life. Expect a city where cultural festivals, art exhibitions and international events are part of your daily routine.

Culture: a diverse offering

The Hague has a wide range of museums, including the Mauritshuis (with masterpieces such as Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring”) and the Gemeentemuseum with modern art. For an expat wanting to learn more about the city’s history, The Hague Historical Museum is the ideal place. Besides museums, The Hague also has cultural icons such as Het Binnenhof, the political heart of the Netherlands, and the Vredespaleis (Peace Palace).

Music lovers can enjoy performances at the Koninklijk Conservatorium (Royal Conservatory) and the Zuiderstrandtheater. Festivals such as The Hague Jazz and Movies That Matter annually attract visitors from all over the world. In short, The Hague is brimming with cultural diversity and historical splendor.

Lifestyle: relaxing and the outdoor life

In no city can you escape the hustle and bustle as well as in The Hague. Thanks to the many parks and, for example, the lush greenery of the Haagse Bos, residents can take relaxing walks or enjoy nature. In addition, The Hague is located by the sea and boasts beautiful beaches. Find coziness in Scheveningen with its kilometers-long boulevard, or go for the more modest Zuiderstrand. Many locals find this one of the most beautiful parts of The Hague. Fancy a bite to eat and a drink? In the city center there is a diverse range of hospitality venues, so there is always something to suit your needs.

The Hague: a hub for expats

The Hague is an international city and here you will find a community that embraces diversity, making you feel right at home. English is widely spoken, and the city’s international environment makes for smooth communication. Join other expats, or find connection with the welcoming locals.

Living in The Hague means embracing the unexpected. From encountering hidden art galleries in quirky neighborhoods to discovering delicious local eateries. The city is full of surprises.

If you have questions about life as an expat in The Hague, we are happy to help. Drop us a line to find out more about our expat services in The Netherlands.


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