First year!

THE HAGUE - Hello Housing is up-and-running for almost a year now! And what a year it was...

Raamweg 13D Den Haag (5)

Because of the high number of new tenants, it was a great challenge to accommodate all expats during these first twelve months. With hard work we have managed to organize this and find a great place for all our tenants! This resulted in a growth of our portfolio with 40 beautiful new apartments. But there is more: we developed a completely new online portal for expats which will be launched at the beginning of 2020. This fancy tool will help expats and corporate clients to check the availability easily from abroad and book an accommodation which suits all preferences!

We are looking forward to be of service for more companies in 2020! Want to make use of our residences? We are happy to come over and explain how we can help your company as well.

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