Long stay apartments

Looking for a long stay apartment in the Netherlands?

Our team of experts can provide you with all information you need regarding long stay rental apartments.

We can inform you about the possible duration of long stay rental contracts in the Netherlands, the costs which are included and the possibilities for early termination. Also we can tell you something about the amenities typically offered in long stay apartments such as fully furnished units, kitchen appliances, internet access and parking. Plus, we can provide you with information about additional services like cleaning, maintenance, and concierge services that are often available at long stay apartment providers in the Netherlands.

What are the regulations for long stay apartments in the Netherlands?

Hello Housing is an expert in renting out long stay apartments in the Netherlands. We offer fully furnished apartments and are up to date on all applicable regulations and requirements for long-term rentals. Our team of experts will provide assistance with legal requirements regarding to expat housing. We will help you determine eligibility requirements or restrictions, such as proof of income or minimum length of stay. In addition, we understand the importance of safety and security, and we will provide you with relevant legal or safety considerations, such as insurance requirements or emergency contact information. Contact Hello Housing today to find your perfect long stay apartment in the Netherlands.

As a reputable and reliable provider of long stay apartments in the Netherlands, Hello Housing has a smooth rental process and helps you – and your family – getting settled in The Netherlands. Don’t let the process of finding a long stay apartment in the Netherlands overwhelm you. Let Hello Housing be your guide and ensure that your long stay in the Netherlands is comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free.



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