Share your green ideas with us!

At Hello Housing, we're committed to sustainable living. That's why we're eager to tap into your creativity and innovation skills. What's your best green idea to live more eco-conscious at home? Whether it's small adjustments or groundbreaking concepts, we'd love to hear from you!

That is why we’d like to introduce The Green Ideas Box, a platform where you can share your green ideas. We invite you to think of ways to save energy, reduce our ecological footprint, and make our homes even more comfortable.

And there’s more! We’re so excited about your input that we have a reward waiting for the best green idea. The creator of the most inspiring and practical green proposal will receive a special prize: a “green” getaway in a charming forest cabin!

Share your green ideas with us and compete for a chance to win an unforgettable green experience!

Let’s build a future in which energy-efficient living is the standard. Share your green idea!