Finding your perfect expat home with Hello Housing

An expat coming to live in the Netherlands has many things to get used to. The Dutch weather, the culture and, of course, a new living environment. As an employer, you can give an expat a soft landing by taking care of everything around housing down to the last detail. That's where Hello Housing can help. More than that even, because we take all the work off your hands. We offer personalized service that allows us to meet your needs and those of your employees.

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Overview of various housing options

Many kinds of apartments are available on our website. Explore Hello Housing’s housing offerings for expats in our comprehensive guide. In our overview you can easily scroll through the offer or enter your wishes in filters. Choose from one or more bedrooms, aparking spot if needed and square footage, for example. The choice is up to you and the expat, but we are happy to assist you in this regard. Does our availability not yet fully meet your preferences? Please contact our office and we can always check if something else will become vacant!

Highlighting suitability for different expat needs

Not every expat is the same. Wishes and needs may be different because of various types of cultural backgrounds, for example. With years of experience and an expat state of mind, we think, look and reason like an expat. This allows us to provide excellent advice on all your expat issues. These can range from questions about the housing to questions about the neighbourhood and the support services available.

Advice on selecting the ideal home in The Hague and Rotterdam

Do you have questions, want more information or need help with your expat issues? We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise about all the possibilities in The Hague and Rotterdam.

Drop us a line to find out more about our expat services in The Netherlands.

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