THE HAGUE - Last year was a very exiting year for Hello Housing with challenges and some great moments!


We cannot ignore the fact that the crisis also had a major impact on our industry. Unfortunately, many expats of our regular clients could not come to the Netherlands because of this. As a result of these developments, we had to switch quickly and therefore made some unpleasant decisions.

We are thankful that all our loved ones and contacts are still in good health but we think of the ones who are affected by the virus.

However, this time has also ensured that we have been able to improve the quality of our homes and services. Our happy tenants shared their experiences with colleagues and friends which is the best compliment for our hard work. This resulted in a large number of new clients and partnerships with companies and organisations. We are very proud to arrange the housing for these new clients and continue to do this in 2021 as well.

Thanks to the support of all our clients, tenants and other relations we had an amazing time!

Because of this positive vibe we experience, we are looking forward to start 2021. We have some great things to come! A few highlights;

  • Our website, renewed by Morres & Company, will be launched very soon so we can always show our up-to-date availability.
  • Our online portal for clients we build last year will be in use.
  • We are expanding our business to Rotterdam in January in the beautiful complex Little C of Bouwinvest.

There are many more new things and partnerships coming up next year, so keep following us…

For now the team of Hello Housing wishes you a Happy New Year!

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